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Eiger Trading Advisors is an independent investment management and advisory firm which provides products and services across commodity and non traditional financial markets.  The benefits of our specialization and focus lead to a significant competitive advantage that yields both true added value and excellent risk adjusted returns for our institutional clients.  

Eiger Trading Advisors generates genuine value through its network of relationships within the physical commodities markets, its innovative and open minded approach to new markets, and its focus on employing the latest technologies to deliver first class, tangible solutions.   


Eiger Trading Advisors is built on the extensive experience of its senior partners and is majority-owned by its employees.   We believe self-ownership creates both constancy of purpose and an alignment of interests with those of our clients. 

An investment and asset growth policy is in place in order to promote the ongoing delivery of first class investment products and services in all of our principal business activities. 

Principal Business Activities

Eiger Trading Advisors Limited is located in London and specializes in non traditional assets and investment markets.  We strive for excellence in sectors that provide genuine diversification away from traditional asset classes and types. The company has five strategic business units, Fund Advisory and Managed Accounts, Islamic Products, Environmental, Social and Governance Products and Services, Consultancy & Investment Advisory Services and Commodities Trading.   


Principal Business Activities Principal Business Activities

Fund Advisory Services

Eiger Trading Advisors provides investment services to institutional investors in commodity markets where our experience in sourcing, logistics, financing and supply to industry are complemented by our experience of managing institutional portfolios, using a coherent risk management framework that encompasses market, financial, operational and regulatory risks.    

Managed Accounts

Eiger Trading Advisors provides a number of institutional level managed account products in fixed income, equity and commodity markets.  The managed accounts programs range from specific, single strategy programs like volatility term arbitrage, right through to macro based tactical asset allocation and complete portfolio construction and management services.  Eiger Trading Advisors works with our clients to produce investment portfolios with optimal risk return characteristics within our clients’ risk parameters, asset class preferences and other constraints in order to achieve our client’s investment goals.  

Islamic Products & Services

Eiger Trading Advisors are experienced professionals in Islamic finance providing Islamic Financial Institutions with custom bespoke products and services in a range of Sharia'a complaint commodities.  From origination and syndication of financial products to Treasury liquidity management products and tools, including logistics financing and Sharia’a compliant inventory and trade finance products and services.  These are all delivered through the latest technologies in order to provide clients with the most efficient, cost effective and transparent, market leading solutions.      

Environmental, Social & Governance

With our corporate partners we provide investment managers and asset owners with the most innovative quantitative analysis which provides an investor with a completely objective measure of the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk embedded within a single company right through to an entire portfolio. This systematic approach is the product of a number of years of R&D and is now available to our clients.  Incorporating ESG related issues into the investment decision making and risk assessment process has become one of the most significant initiatives in the financial world today. Significantly, the proprietary system includes very powerful analytical capabilities in assessing and selectively screening the ESG profile of an investment portfolio using a series of innovative benchmarking methodologies.     

Commodities Trading  

Through its well established network of memberships and trading partners, Eiger Trading Advisors Limited undertakes the purchase and resale of various commodities, with a particular emphasis on ores and ferrous metals, soft commodity and emissions markets, specializing in the value chains, from low cost origins to high demand markets

Consultancy & Investment Advisory Services

Eiger Trading Advisors provides consultancy and investment advisory services on a project basis to its institutional clients. By using its in-house proprietary systems for logistics and inventory management, through to asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk reporting we are able to provide our institutional clients with multi asset class management and the delivery of IT solutions, providing tangible value added, from software development and implementation through to independent investment advice