Eiger Trading Advisors Ltd

Track Record

Eiger has been providing first-class asset facilitation services since 2009, when we pioneered the use of information technology to facilitate asset-backed Islamic Financial transactions with our  Eiger Trading Platform (ETP).


With multiple institutions using the ETP each day, we pride ourselves on the flexibility, robustness and efficiency of our platform systems, which have consistently been providing accurate, reliable and sophisticated services to our clients.


Over the years, we have enhanced and upgraded our systems to cater to the increased sophistication of the marketplace, as well as provided tailor-made bespoke features for many of our clients to suit their exact operational and Sharia'a requirements.


We are proactive rather than reactive within the marketplace - constantly innovating to provide new services to allow our clients to offer the very best to their own clients.


Shariah Compliance

Each of our clients' Sharia'a Boards has vetted their own contracts with us, and we have also had periodic visits from our clients' Sharia'a Boards and Sharia'a Audit to ensure our processes with each of them are compliant.


We have recently appointed the services of an eminent Saudi Arabia-based Sharia'a scholar, Sheikh Dr Mohamed Ali Elgari, and he has declared that all the processes, operations and functionality of the Eiger Trading Platform satisfy all Sharia'a requirements.



LME - London Metal Exchange

Eiger is an Associate Trade member (Category 5) of the LME, and has been since 2010. Our membership signifies that we meet the strict membership criteria of one of the world's leading and most respected commodities trading exchanges, and allows Eiger to transact in LME branded Metals stored in secure warehouses across the globe.


LPPM - London Platinum and Palladium Market

In October 2014, Eiger became an affiliate of the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM), one of the world's pre-eminent markets and standard-setting bodies for the physical trading of platinum group metals (PGM).


LPPM members and affiliates represent a broad cross-section of the platinum group metals' value chain - from miners and refiners, to industrial users and financial intermediaries. Our commodity market relationships, including this latest affiliation with the LPPM, allow us to offer Islamic market participants the inventory they require.


As a global commodity market intermediary serving the Islamic financial community, we aim to adhere to the highest industry standards and governance frameworks, and our affiliation with the LPPM, in addition to our LME membership and FCA-regulation, demonstrate Eiger's continued commitment to this goal.


London Metal Exchange


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