Eiger Trading Advisors Ltd

Islamic Finance

Eiger is an Islamic trade intermediary, providing asset trade facilitation services to the Islamic financial market, catering to a number of different products.


Eiger performs two distinct but complementary functions in its provision of these services:


1. Eiger acts as a trade intermediary, sourcing Sharia'a-compliant assets from inventory holders and selling these assets to Islamic financial institutions (IFIs).


2. Eiger acts as provider and administrator of the Eiger Trading Platform (ETP), a proprietary electronic trading environment designed as a marketplace where participants can purchase and sell Assets in a Sharia'a-compliant manner as well as manage the full lifecycle of these transactions, from trade capture to back-office confirmation exchange.


We have been supplying commodities to banks and financial institutions globally for over 5 years, and have facilitated:


- Liquidity management products (commodity murabaha, tawarruq, salam)

- Retail banking products (term deposits, personal finance)

- Real estate structured financing

- Structured products & derivatives (PRS and Currency FX)

- Sukuk

- Sharia'a-compliant Trade Finance and logistics products


We perform due diligence on the commodities we offer, and the warehouses and silos in which they are stored, and we seek the further approval of our Sharia'a advisor before offering them to our Islamic counterparties. More information on compliance is available on request.


Since inception, Eiger has focused on delivering our products and services to clients through the most up-to-date and efficient technology platforms. We have developed a suite of trading technologies tailored for the Islamic marketplaces. In addition, our information technology group offers consultancy and bespoke IT solutions to institutional clients based on our proprietary software and systems' architecture expertise. Please see the Technology pages for more information.

Trade Finance

Eiger also has expertise within Trade Finance, which lends itself well to Sharia'a structures being the finance of the flow of physical goods. At Eiger we have knowledge and experience of adapting conventional banking transactions to comply with Islamic regulations.


Commodity Trade Finance and Risk Mitigation


Eiger assists commodity producers and traders with trade finance via a network of counterparts that will:

* confirm letters of credit issued by financial institutions domiciled in the MENA region.

* discount receivables emanating from the sale of commodities into the MENA region.

* finance commodity stocks held in the MENA region.

* enter into the purchase and resale of commodities.


Eiger is also able to act as adviser and arranger for commodity companies wishing to raise finance either on a bilateral or syndicated basis within the MENA region.


Trade Finance Fund Advisory & Management


* Eiger provides investment services to institutional investors in commodity markets, where our expertise in sourcing, logistics, financing and industry is complemented by our extensive relationships with financial institutions in the Islamic world.

* In addition, our understanding of the precise needs of Sharia'a-compliant investors allows us to leverage our expertise and experience in the commodities markets to structure and advise on innovative trade finance fund products tailored for the Islamic finance marketplace.

* The result is to provide a Sharia'a-compliant money market return profile through financing value chain opportunities within global trade.