Eiger Trading Platform

An intuitive, customisable commodity trading platform

The Eiger Trading Platform is a cloud-based trading system designed exclusively to provide a secure and efficient mechanism that facilitates the purchase and sale of Sharia-compliant assets for the commodity Murabaha requirements of Islamic financial institutions.

The premium platform for commodity Murabaha

A single platform to support Islamic financial products

Liquidity Management & Treasury Solutions

Liquidity Management & Treasury Solutions

Interbank deposits and finance

Islamic Capital Markets

Islamic Capital Markets


Structured Products & Derivatives

Profit rate swaps, currency hedging

Corporate Banking Products

Corporate Banking Products

Corporate lending, deposits, syndicated loans

Retail Banking Products

Retail Banking Products

Term deposits, current account savings accounts (CASA), credit cards, personal loans


Real Estate Structured Financing

Property development loans, bridging loans

Shariah-compliant commodities

The Eiger Trading Platform provides Islamic market participants with instant access to diverse inventories of physical assets, located throughout the world, including within the GCC and South East Asia.

Eiger has relationships with suppliers of a range of high-quality base metals, defined as industrial non-ferrous metals. Parcels of base metals are usually traded in multiples of metric tons therefore are better suited to larger sized Murabaha transactions.

Precious metals, when traded in bulk form, are known as bullion and are traded on commodity markets. Their quantities are in troy ounce which make them ideal for smaller sized Murabaha transactions.

For retail banking products, Eiger can offer Saudi-based commodity assets, linking the banking needs of the consumer, to the local economy.

Trading mechanisms


Individual Transaction

Designed for low volume transactions


Batch Transaction

Designed for multiple or batch transactions

Straight-through Processing

Straight-Through Processing

Designed for high volume transactions

Engagement channels

Eiger Traders

Via Phone, Email and Reuters Messenger (Refinitiv)


Eiger Trading Platform Web Application

Online login directly to the Eiger Trading Platform

Fully automated system integration

Integrate systems directly via API

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